I’d like to consider myself a woman of faith, but also of science. My work as a Kinesiologist often raises questions about “proof”, so I thought I would address these questions regarding the work I so enjoy doing, but which I think are important for clients to understand. CHAKRAS – if this is a scary word for you, let me try to shed some light.

Think of a chakra as an energy spot inside and outside of your body – a spot that connects you spiritually, physically, emotionally and to whatever is beyond – that which you cannot see.

When we Google chakras, most information is from a New Age point of view. Because we cannot physically see chakras there is, in fact, very little scientific exploration into the possibility of their actual existence. So, let’s for a minute talk biology…

We have 2 very important communication systems in the body. The Central Nervous System which is responsible for electric communication and the Endocrine system which is responsible for chemical communication. There are 7 main glands of the endocrine system and there are 7 main chakras in the energy system. 

Here is how they are connected:

  1. Pituitary gland – spirituality (crown chakra)
  2. Pineal gland – intuition (third eye chakra)
  3. Thyroid gland – communication (throat chakra)
  4. Thymus gland – love (heart chakra)
  5. Pancreas – power (solar plexus)
  6. Ovaries/Testes – sexuality and pleasure (sacral chakra)
  7. Adrenals – survival (root chakra)

Chakras are known to be transmitters and receivers of energy at the seven glandular points throughout the body. Like we shower to cleanse our bodies, so we need to cleanse our energy systems in order to promote health and wellness. 

There are a few ways in which one can cleanse, or rather balance, the chakras. The most common ones are meditation and energy work. Now, before you feel intimidated by these two terms, let me explain my own interpretation of them. 

Meditation is the practice of stilling the mind. This can take on the form of prayer, yoga, spending time in nature, or whatever resonates with you personally. Energy work balances, aligns and restores the body’s energy systems. There are many alternative therapies that can do this – Kinesiology being just one of them. It can also include changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Ultimately, we are more than physical beings – we are also spirit and soul. We tend to want to constantly “keep things together”. What better way to do this than by acknowledging the incredibly powerful chakra system and ensuring that these energies are balanced and aligned.

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