Neural Organisation Technique (N.O.T):

Neural Organisation Technique or N.O.T. is a method to reboot the hard drive of the central nervous system. This is done by using muscle testing, which is a non-invasive technique, to find the “short circuits” in the primal survival systems and then “turning it back on” in a neurological order. It is based on Applied Kinesiology and it deals with our basic survival systems – Feeding, Fight/Flight and Reproduction. N.O.T holds the premise that everything that happens to us gets processed through one (or more) of these survival systems. Therefore, if one of these systems is in disarray, it will affect how we “do life” and how we respond to everyday stresses and challenges.

Bio Energetic Synchronisation Technique (B.E.S.T.):

Bio Energetic Syncronisation Technique (B.E.S.T.) was developed by Dr Ted Morter Jnr. It is a hands-on balancing technique to re-establish the body’s full healing potential. The body reveals short-circuited neurological patterns as a result of unresolved, subconscious emotional issues. These imbalances present itself in tight muscles, dysfunctional organs, emotional stress or depression type reactions.  By using a pressure point type therapy, while having you think about certain memory stresses, the body begins to sync with the brain. It is a gentle, painless treatment that will not only make the body feel better instantly, but it will also allow the body to start the healing and repair process.  Bio Energetic Synchronisation Technique creates a natural balancing of nerve function and communication between the conscious and subconscious divisions of the central nervous system. 

B.E.S.T. Explained Best by Dr Morter himself

Touch for Health:

Touch for Health is a system of balancing posture, attitude and life energy to relieve stress, aches and pains, feel and function better, be more effective, clarify and achieve your goals and enjoy your life!

Emotional Kinesiology:

What most of us are not aware of, but has been proven to be a fact, is that 80% of all disease is emotional in cause.  Emotional Kinesiology (EK) will identify the emotions and personal patterns that make us interact and react in a certain way. If we can defuse the traumas from the past, and reinforce the joys, we’ll be making choices that create the kind of future we really want to have. These behaviours include obsessions, addictions, phobias, allergies etc. 

Neuro Training:

Neuro Training is a solution-oriented process where you are able to direct your own response through the natural laws that govern the nervous system. You have an innate ability to adapt and recuperate to influences that affect your everyday life. Should you be unable to adapt appropriately, your subconscious will let you know via various symptoms. Many symptoms experienced are generally suppressed – they are “pushed away” or typically identified by phrases like they are “go through the pain” and “get on with life” etc. Neuro-Training aims to find the cause of the symptom and, therefore, enable the subconscious to resolve the issue by retraining the nervous system with the best neurological option to solve that particular issue – naturally enhancing your recuperating ability.

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