What to Expect at your First Session

So, you’ve booked your first Kinesiology session and have no idea what to expect.  Well, hopefully the below information will put you at ease. 

After a history is taken and your main focus for the treatment is discussed, I will explain to you what Kinesiology is and why it is such an effective tool for so many diseases and issues.

I will then address one of our primal survival systems – fight or flight. This is the stress-response-state that most of us are in and that holds us back from healing and functioning to our optimum. This is done through a protocol called Neural Organisation Technique or N.O.T.

In a nutshell, N.O.T. is a method to reboot the hard drive of the central nervous system.  This is done by using muscle testing, which is a non-invasive technique, to find the “short circuits” in the primal survival systems and then “turning it back on” in a neurological order.  Our primal survival systems include Feeding, Fight/Flight and Reproduction. N.O.T holds the premise that everything that happens to us gets processed through one (or more) of these survival systems.  Therefore, if one of these systems is in disarray, it will affect how we “do life” and how we respond to everyday stresses and challenges.

You will be asked to remove your shoes, belt, watch and any other jewelry.  To start with, you will lay face down on the plinth (massage bed) and later turn over onto your back.

The protocol mostly involves corrections that are done by holding Neurovascular points and rubbing Neurolymphatic points.  Neurovascular points stimulate blood-flow and are located on the head – so expect your hair to get a bit messed up.  Neurolymphatic points are located mainly on the back and the chest and they supply energy to the lymphatic system.  N.O.T. works on the central nervous system, which is why quite a few of the corrections are done on the cranial and facial bones and muscles.  Some of the corrections are done inside the mouth (gums, pallet and cheeks).  Although you might find this semi-invasive, I take the utmost of care to make it as comfortable and hygienic as possible – I use finger cots for these corrections. Some corrections are done by gently stretching the fascia of the eyes – ladies, expect the odd make-up smudge…

Please wear comfortable clothing – no dresses and please wear or bring along a pair of closed shoes – preferably tekkies.

N.O.T. is an interactive balance – you will be asked to lift an arm, turn on your side, sit up etc.  However, you should feel completely relaxed (and even a bit sleepy) after the session.  

Usually this is all we have time for during the first session and sometimes this could be all the body requires to function to it’s full potential again.  However, it will be more likely that another one or two sessions would be necessary in order to address the original focus.  Sessions are 45-60 min long.

It is advisable that you do not book any other treatments (e.g. chiro, physio etc.) on the same day as a Kinesiology session. I would also recommend that you do not do any exercise for at least 4 hours after your session. 

I hope that you now have a clearer idea of what to expect.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

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